Maqsood Khan’s Vision for the Franklin Public School District

The responsibility of a Franklin Public School Board member is to ensure that every student has the best opportunities to succeed. It is an incredible privilege to serve my community, teachers, parents, faculty, and students in this way. I have a long list of issues I’d like to address as a School Board member, but these are the three that stand out:

Increase School District Rankings by Retaining Quality Teachers, and Strengthening the Curriculum

We live in a highly competitive world. In order to increase Franklin school rankings, we must focus on retaining quality teachers, strengthening the curriculum, and ensuring students have the resources they need to thrive in the classroom and beyond. The rankings have been on a downward trend for many years and this is unacceptable. Our students deserve to go to competitive schools that will set them up for success, whether they decide to go to college or into the workforce.

Find Creative Solutions to Optimize Tax-Payer Dollars and Increase School Rankings

As a taxpayer, I put my trust in our elected officials to ensure that every dollar is being well spent. As a School Board member, I will maintain an open line of communication with all Franklin residents – no matter, if you have a child, enrolled in the schools or not. I’ll work with my colleagues to ensure that there are only necessary expenses in the budget.

Bring More Accountability to the School Board by Collaborating with Teachers, Parents, and Students

It was no surprise that Franklin teachers were frustrated and dissatisfied with the school reopening plan as their voices were not heard in the decision-making. The school district continues to lose great teachers to neighboring districts even though the average salary of new teachers is higher than the national average. As a School Board member, I will work with the administration to bring accountability and ensure collaboration between teachers, parents, students, and fellow board members. 

Additional Topics I’d Like to Address If Elected:
Pictured on a medical mission in Bangladesh treating Rohingya refugees

I believe that every person should use their talents and passions to improve society and help others. This has led me to take part in medical missions around the world and serve those less fortunate using my medical education. These experiences have allowed me to learn how to work in fast-paced environments and efficiently use resources – skills that will help me succeed as a Franklin Board member.

I strongly believe that it is my duty to give back to my community and ensure that our Franklin students have the best resources to dream big and achieve any goal they set their minds to. As a physician and father, safety will be my number one priority as we battle the COVID-19 crisis. I look forward to working with fellow board members, teachers, parents, and students to provide a safe and productive learning environment.

If you have ideas on how you’d like to see Franklin Schools succeed, reach out to me at

– Maqsood Khan

Vote on April 6th by Mail, Early, or In-Person. Learn more at

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