About Maqsood Khan

Father. Doctor. Community Leader.
Franklin School Board Candidate

The Franklin Public School Board election has a long list of candidates this year. Franklin residents have the opportunity to select the candidate that they believe will best represent every parent, student, and teacher. A question I’ve received is what makes me unique from the rest? What qualities and skills will I bring to the table?

First, I’m a devoted husband and father of five. My children certainly keep me busy but I learn so much from each one of them. They all have different learning styles, dreams, and talents. As a school board member, I promise to advocate for your children as if they were my own.

As a gastroenterologist (the branch of medicine that focuses on the digestive tract), I’ve been fortunate to volunteer my time on global missions. In 2017 and 2019, I traveled to the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh to treat patients. This experience taught me the importance of using talents to help others. As the district continues to overcome a health crisis, I hope to work with my colleagues, parents, and staff to create a safe and productive learning environment for students.

Finally, I will be the School Board member that weighs all of the information before making a decision. I understand that every decision impacts many and deserves to be made with clarity and the input of parents and teachers. I’m a hard worker and committed to improving our schools. I hope to earn your vote on April 6th.

– Maqsood Khan

Get Involved & Contact Maqsood

One of the reasons I decided to run for Franklin Public School Board is to increase accountability. This begins with an open line of communication between board members, parents, teachers, staff, and students. Please email me at khanforfranklinschools@yahoo.com or call (414) 522-7573 if you’d like to get involved with the campaign or have ideas about how we can make Franklin Schools better.

Be sure to follow our campaign Facebook page to stay up to date!

Vote on April 6th by Mail, Early, or In-Person. Learn more at www.myvote.wi.gov

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