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Khan For Franklin Schools

Better Franklin Schools for a Better Tomorrow.

Maqsood Khan,
Candidate for Franklin Public School Board
Election Day is on April 6th

Maqsood Khan’s Vision for the Franklin Public School District

Offer Students the Best Platforms to Succeed in the Classroom and Beyond
Find Creative Solutions to Optimize Tax-Payer Dollars and Increase School Rankings
Bring More Accountability to the School Board by Collaborating with Teachers, Parents, and Students

Meet Maqsood Khan

My passion for the education system stems from my beloved mother who served as an educator and principal for over 36 years. Inspired by her sincere devotion and hard work in the education field, I have decided to run for Franklin Public School Board and serve my community.

I am a proud father of five, husband, activist, and practicing physician. As a Franklin resident, the quality of education our children receive is extremely important. I’m running to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed, that teachers have adequate resources, and that Franklin residents can feel at ease knowing their hard earned dollars are being well spent.

With your vote and support on April 6th, we can work to make Franklin schools better!.

How to Vote on the April 6th Election

Thank you for doing your civic duty to VOTE and showing our children the power of democracy! Here are three ways you can vote in the Wisconsin Spring Elections:

By Mail

Voters must be registered to vote before requesting an absentee ballot. The deadline to request is April 1st at 5:00 PM. 11th. Visit to request a ballot. Your ballot must be received by the Municipal Clerk by April 6th at 8:00 PM.

Early In-Person

Skip the long lines on Election Day and vote early in-person at Franklin City Hall (9229 W Loomis Road). If you are registering to vote, be sure to bring an ID and proof of residence. Early voting begins March 23rd.

Election Day In-Person

Election Day polls open on April 6th at 7:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM. You may also drop off your absentee ballots and register to vote during this time. To find your polling location, visit

Contact Maqsood & Get Involved

One of the reasons I decided to run for Franklin Public School Board is to increase accountability. This begins with an open line of communication between board members, parents, teachers, staff, and students. Please email me at or call (414) 522-7573 if you’d like to get involved with the campaign or have ideas about how we can make Franklin Schools better.

Be sure to follow our campaign Facebook page to stay up to date!

Vote on April 6th by Mail, Early, or In-Person. Learn more at

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